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Surveying Department Engineering Department

Boundary Surveys
Route and Right-of-way Surveys
Topographic Surveys
Site Plans
Proposed Construction Surveys
Interim Surveys
Final As Built Surveys
Construction Staking
Building Layout
Oil & Gas Well Location
Soil Remediation Plan Layout
Planimetric Surveying
Quantity Measurement
Control for Photogrammetry
Accident Site Surveys
Groundwater Monitoring Well Location

Reports and Studies
Water & Sanitary Sewer Improvements Design
Drainage and Storm Sewer Systems Design
Municipal Water & Wastewater Design
Industrial Water & Wastewater Design
Municipal & Private Landfill Design
Gravel Mine Design & Permitting Assist.
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
Storm Sewer System Design
Street Design
Utility Design
Subdivision Design
Civil Engineering Design 
Structural Reports
Structural Inspections

Highway Department  Land Planning
Parcel Surveys
Design Surveys

SPECIALIZING in the use of SDMS and CAiCE software
Feasibility Studies
Site and  Master Plans
Marketing Exhibits
Subdivision Layout and Design
Design of Streets and Roads
Design of Parking Areas
Design of Commercial Sites
Master Planning of Property
Site Conceptualization
Governmental Processing
CAD Department

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